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Mental Health
Info Station

All the information on the Mental Health Information Station is written by Dr. Cheung Ngo, so that readers who need it can search for it at any time and the chance of delaying treatment could be reduced.




Symptoms and diagnosis

Treatment of Depression

  • The Four Steps in treating depression

  • New depression treatment must be better?

  • Antidepressants Q&A


  • Types of antidepressants (1) SSRI

  • Types of antidepressants (2) SNRI

  • Types of antidepressants (3) NDRI

  • Types of antidepressants (4) Serotonin Modulator

  • Types of antidepressants (5) Melatonin Agonist

  • Side Effects of Antidepressant (1) What antidepressants are more likely to make people sleepy?

Glutaminergic drugs (Esketamine)

  • New drug Esketamine as one of the options for refractory depression

  • The good and the bad of Esketamine

  • The administration of Esketamine


  • rTMS treatment mechanism of depression

  • Disadvantages and limitations of rTMS

  • How is rTMS actually performed?

Anxiety disorders


  • What is a phobia? Can adults and the elderly have phobias?

  • Why do fears persist? The basic principles of phobias

  • The first step in treating phobias

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? How do you define a person with OCD? 

  • The difference between obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive-compulsive personality

  • As the COVID epidemic continues this year, is there an increase in OCD cases? 

  • What are the treatment options for OCD? What else can patients do besides medication?

  • Psychotherapy for OCD! Step by step to reduce obsessive-compulsive symptoms

  • What is death phobia? It turns out it's also OCD


  • What is insomnia? Is insomnia quite common in Hong Kong?

  • The serious consequences of insomnia for patients

  • What are the preventive measures for insomnia sufferers? 

  • Why does insomnia occur? 

  • Are there different levels of insomnia? What level of insomnia should I seek medical help for?


Delusional disorder

  • Definition of Delusion in Medicine

  • Are there different types of delusions? What is the most common type of delusion?

  • At what age do people tend to suffer from delusions? Is the disorder psychologically or physically induced?

  • People with schizophrenia also have delusions! How do you differentiate between the two?

  • Changing a person's mind is the hardest part! Medication? Psychotherapy? Treatment Plan for Delusional Disorder

Personality Disorders

  • What is antisocial personality disorder? What are the characteristics of their behavior?



  • Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD-7




ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder)

  • Symptoms of ADHD along the developmental stages?

  • What are the life consequences of delaying treatment for ADHD?

  • Online parental assessment of ADHD

  • What are the causes of ADHD? Influences from later life are also important

  • Children with ADHD may also have other disorders

  • Does every patient need medication and how to treat ADHD?

  • What is the best concentration medication? 4 Considerations for Choosing an ADHD medication

  • Behavioral Therapy at Home (1) Building an Ideal Reward System

  • Behavioral Therapy at Home (2) Handling Negative Behaviours

  • Behavior Therapy at Home (3) Dealing with Delay on Command



  • What does autism mean? Autism Symptoms Explained

  • Online Childhood Autism Questionnaire

  • Autistic children at first glance? Don't be so sure! Possibilities beyond autism

  • Learn more about autistic children! What is going on in the mind of an autistic child?

  • What is the Theory of mind deficit? The classic Sally-Ann test

  • Is it autistic children often being offensive? Introducing the "White Lie" test

  • Are autistic kids geniuses? Introducing the "Savant Syndrome"

  • Introduction to various autism treatments

  • Autism Social Skills Class DIY (1) - Appreciation Game

  • Autism Social Skills Class DIY (2) - Sharing Game

  • Autism Social Skills Class DIY (3) - Heartbreak Game



  • Definition of Dyslexia

  • What are the causes of dyslexia? What kind of difficulties are children facing?


Dyslexia X Autism

  • Is it common for children with autism to have dyslexia? At what stage of development does it usually appear?

  • What are the symptoms of dyslexia? How does it affect the daily life and schoolwork of children with autism?

  • Should dyslexia be corrected early? The long-term impact of dyslexia on the academic and growth of autistic children

  • How can teachers provide learning support for autistic children with dyslexia? What are the treatment options for doctors?

  • Autism + Dyslexia is a little different! Things to keep in mind when receiving dyslexia training




  • Depression symptoms in children and adults are very different

  • Will children with depression be cured? Risk factors for recurrence of depression

  • Causes of Depression -- Why is my child depressed?

  • Risk Factors for Suicide in Children with Depression

  • Childhood depression treatment plan

  • Introducing three tips to be happy! Depression can be treated without medication

  • Medication for depression in children and adolescents


Anxiety Disorders


  • The symptoms of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents

  • How many types of anxiety disorders does my child have?

  • Causes and risk factors of anxiety disorders

  • How to treat anxiety without medication


Separating Anxiety Disorders

  • Does my child have separation anxiety? Don't jump to conclusions!

  • Why does my child refuse to go to school? Common Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder

  • Does refusing to go to school mean separation anxiety? 

  • A short story to get people with separation anxiety to go to school


Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  • Various effects of trauma on children's mental health

  • What to do if you suspect child abuse?

  • A review of risk factors for PTSD! What should parents do after a child's trauma?

  • How to Support Child Victims of Trauma? Three small games to children's hearts




  • ADHD Parent Assessment (Vanderbilt)

  • Childhood Autism Spectrum Test


Mental Health Card Game

A City without Mental Illness (By Dr. Uccello)


  • The very card game to eliminate discrimination

Emotional transfer station (By Viatris)


  • The "Emotional Transfer Station" will help you with your stresses without medicine

  • Competition and comparisons are overwhelming

  • I thought we said that friendships last forever?

  • Stress outside of homework

  • Tomorrow is tomorrow and tomorrow is tomorrow

  • Criticism and negativity makes people fall

  • The problem with delayed sleep cycle

  • Adapting new environment and its adjustment

  • Stressing and caring are just a hair's breadth apart

  • How to deal with homework after homework?

  • No time for revision upon examination


Mental Health Video

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