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吳芷嫣 女士
Ms. Natalie Ng


Counselling Psychologist


MSS (Counselling Psychology)

社會科學學士 (心理學)

BSocSc (Psychology)


Registered Counselling Psychologist, Division of Counselling Psychology, The Hong Kong Psychological Society


  • 靜觀導師資格:靜觀認知療法課程 /MYMind/ 靜觀飲食覺知訓練第一階段

  • Completed Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy training by Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Hong Kong Centre for Mindfulness training

  • 香港中文大學及阿姆斯特丹大學合辦MYMind 專注力不足過度活躍症/ 自閉症譜系兒童、青少年及家長進階靜觀導師課程

  • MYMind Advance Teacher Training for children with ADHD / Autism organized by the University of Amsterdam and the Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Dr. Jean Kristeller 靜觀飲食覺知訓練第一階段

  • Level I Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training by Dr. Jean Kristeller

  • 美國國際醫學及牙科催眠治療協會認可催眠治療師

  • Hypnotherapist, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, US

  • 香港心理及催眠治療學會臨床催眠治療師

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hong Kong Psycho-Hypnotherapy Foundation

  • 英國自閉症兒童溝通為本訓練課程督導資格

  • Certified Training Supervisor,The Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy

  • 香港調解仲裁中心認可調解員

  • Accredited Mediator, Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre

  • 香港中文大學醫學院中風及臨床神經理學碩士課程靜觀導師

  • Mindfulness Trainer, Master of Science Programme in Stroke and Clinical Neurosciences, Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • 香港中文大學醫學院GIFTCare - 認知障礙症家庭照顧者專業證書課程講師及靜觀導師

  • Lecturer and Mindfulness Trainer, GIFTCare Professional Certificate Programme in Promoting Well-being in Informal Caregivers of Dementia, Faculty of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Operating Hours and Location

請聯絡中環印刷行店查詢Please contact Central Centre (Printing House) for enquiry

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